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Sean Fyfle
a year ago

Many families struggle with transitioning family members from their residence to a retirement home and my family was no different. Delmanor Wynford did a fantastic job at easing this transition for my family and more importantly, for my grandfather who was making Delmanor Wynford his new home. Delmanor Wynford offers a wide range of activities every week, including bingo, exercise classes, and day trips around the city. They also have a number of cozy amenities such as a pub with a pool hall, rooftop terrace, a theatre and a chapel. These activities and events made it easy for my grandfather and other residents to develop close friendships with one another. The dining room service is top notch and they have various menu options for each meal to satisfy any craving. The staff are very friendly and guests are able to visit as frequently as they would like while enjoying a sit down meal! Sophia at the front desk developed a close bond with my grandfather and our family through her charismatic personality and positive outlook on life. My family is very grateful for everything Sophia did for my grandfather and what she continues to do for my great aunt who is a current resident at Delmanor Wynford. The current GM Matt Ross is extremely friendly and is always available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Matt works effortlessly to ensure the best experience and transition for your loved one at Delmanor Wynford. I would highly recommend Delmanor Wynford if you are considering transitioning your loved one to a retirement home.

Noraina M.
a year ago

I worked here for more than a year but I did left for a better job. I want to thank you all, most especially to the General Manager Scott for the opportunity you have had given me, you are a true leader an inspiration, I wish you All the best in your leadership, and for Christie at the Marketing Department you have a good heart , I also thank you to Brenda for the experience and being such a good management at Nursing Department you such a wonderful person. At the Front Desk Emtiaz & Naomi for opening the garage for me quickly, I do really appreciate that and the reason why I gave you 5-starts due to those name I mentioned at Delmanor WYNDFORD are really real and amazing people, you all deserves it. Thank you good people out there.

Doug Martin
a year ago

During these difficult times,Team Wynford is always there for each other and the resident's safety and well being is our major concern.It is a wonderful place to work and a great place to live.

Kim Rixon
2 years ago

My Gran moved into DelManor in September of 2019 and we are so thankful to the staff for making her feels so comfortable and important. When Gran celebrated her 98th birthday in May of 2020, right at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, the staff allowed us to organize a birthday parade in the parking lot and brought her down to the window so she could see us and know how loved she is. Keri took pictures of us from inside so we were able share them with Gran afterwards and she could see everyone again in our crazy outfits and hats. During this whole pandemic the staff have gone above and beyond to make the residents feel secure and every time I speak with Gran she tells me how happy she that she was able to move in before the pandemic hit and how she is in the best place for her because they look after her so well. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this home and I will be eternally grateful to the caring staff for making sure Gran and our entire family have peace of mind that she is being taken care of to the best of their ability. <3 <3

Mary Sue Farache
2 years ago

My parents moved into Del Manor Wynford in the fall 2019. I am so impressed with the facilities and the staff. On every level the well being of the tenants is paramount. Throughout this terrible COVID 19 pandemic the teamwork and dedication of the staff is so impressive. They are working tirelessly to protect and reassure, and it is so appreciated. My parents are well fed, well taken care of and appreciate the camaraderie and positive attitudes that constantly surround them. Thank you to Scott and his amazing team.

2 years ago

I have really enjoyed being a part of the Delmanor Wynford team for the past year and a half, each and every resident continues to inspire me every single day.

andreas gomes
2 years ago

Delmanor Wynford is nice place to work. For the years of working here, I'm happy to say that it is a great and safe place to work. Everyone is friendly, amazing environment and I couldn't be happier.

Walter Farag
3 years ago

My father was one of the first residents in 2010, and recently moved to a nursing home due to health reasons. Staff, management, rooms, restaurant, food, activities, etc. were excellent. 5 star hotel treatment.Thank you Delmanor Wynford

Ann Morgan
3 years ago

Huge shout out to Janice Hicks and the staff at Delmanor. My father turned 91 on April 14th this year during to Covid lockdown. We were supposed to be on a family cruise and due to all the travel cancellations that was not to happen. I just didn’t want the day to go by that he didn’t get family attention. I contacted Janice Hicks at Delmanor and asked if she could help me. I wanted to surprise dad and sing to him from the street but was worried he needed to get on his balcony safely. Janice with no hesitations said yes we would love to help. So when I arrived with my family nurse Brenda had both my parents safely on the balcony and many of the staff and the GM Scott along with Janice joined us to sing. He was over the moon excited. Thanks to all❤️

Susan Hodgson
4 years ago

Beautiful facility. Staff are friendly and caring. Lots of activities and amenities for the residents.

Tatiana Batalova
3 years ago

I work here and enjoy the positive atmosphere, passion and care shown by my team members and colleagues

Marilyn Lupiccini
3 years ago


Sandy Hobbs
4 years ago

This place is amazing. Staff are the best

Bill Brown
5 years ago

Great place for elderly people.

Shaun Chisholm
5 years ago

Well run retirement residence

Salima Mithani
5 years ago

Perfect retirement home

Lawrence Biricz
3 years ago

My parents are tenants. The staff and residence are simply great for them and me. Recently, with my father ailing, the nursing staff and their leadership have been a god send to my parents and me. Del Manor is a warm, caring place for seniors and their families.

Sean Graney
5 years ago

Beautiful facility with a ton of arranged activities to keep you busy. Plus many places to spend your time.

La Comel
5 years ago

Have only heard excellent reviews by visitors and residents!

Nahida Kagzi
2 years ago

Working at Delmanor Wynford is a great experience.

rose dto
4 years ago

Very very nice but very expensive

Thank You