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August 09, 2023

Delmanor Steps to LivingWell


Foot pain and discomfort are common among older adults — decades of walking, standing and general wear and tear are hard on your feet. In fact, 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 suffer from foot pain, aches or stiffness.

As you age, your feet go through changes that may lead to foot problems, even if you’ve never experienced problems in the past. Feet tend to spread, often causing your shoe size to change, and arches become flatter and less flexible. You lose much of the cushioning under the ball of your foot and your heel. The skin on your feet gets thinner and loses elasticity, making you more susceptible to injuries and infection. Additionally, conditions such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis and circulatory problems may increase your risk of developing foot problems.

The good news is that most foot problems can be treated effectively. By practicing a few healthy habits like washing and drying often, checking for abrasions and wearing properly fitted footwear, you can help prevent many common problems, as well as identify signs of more serious conditions.

Be kind to your feet!

Brought to you by Delmanor LivingWell Coaches.

What is LivingWell?

We all have the power, individually and collectively, to make retirement fulfilling. At Delmanor Senior Housing Communities, we believe that enjoyment of life includes attention to body, mind and spirit. Our unique LivingWell™ program encourages individual empowerment to improve overall health and wellness.

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